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This Pedalboard was inspired by Joe Bonamassa's Etherwave Theremin Pedalboard. The Theremin is Moog's Theremini which has the same RF sensing of any standard Theremin but the resolute audio drives Moog's Animoog Sound Engine. This allows many other creative sounds not available on standard Theremins. The Theremini also allows Pitch Correction to sound the theremin to internal scales as opposed to the infinite notes available... this makes the Theremini easy to play!


The following devices are mounted on the pedalboard...

  1. Moog Theremini Theremin
  2. Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
  3. Ernie Ball VP JR. Volume Pedal
  4. Custom Break-out box for Theremin Audio/ Power
  5. Ozite covered plywood pedalboard with aluminum edging and Aluminum Handles
  6. Power Bar with IEC power inlet an multiple USB power ports
  7. Custom Mic Stand Mounting Flange