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This switcher is a remote switching system where the Guitar Signal will be effected by Pre-effects, that will be connected before the Amp's Preamp, and post-effects inserted into the Amp's FX loop while allowing AMP channel switching and Reverb ON/OFF functionality. This system is designed to work specifically with the MESA BOOGIE© EXPRESS 5:25 Amplifier and maintains the audio within close proximity of the amp as the audio cable length are minimized when the switcher box sits on top of the amp head. This means that the Audio travels the shortest path and doesn't have to go through the footswitch.


The Guitar enters the switcher at the front Panel GUITAR IN connector and goes thorough channel 1 of a repackaged ISP© Decimator G-String Noise Gate to mute any guitar noise and then to the switcher's A/B Switch which has a Boss© TU-12 Tuner in the B position.


The Guitar signal leaves the A/B Switch and hits a loop with a Voodoo Lab© Sparkle Drive.. then out of the Sparkle Drive loop, out of the switcher, into the Amp Head's Input. The Sparkle Drive is the lone PRE-AMP Effect and the signal carries on through the preamp of the Mesa Express 5:25.

The Amp's FX Send returns the guitar signal to the switcher and goes through the second loop which contains an MXR Micro Chorus. The output of the Chorus loop feeds Channel B of the ISP© Decimator G-String to gate any preamplifier noise.

The output of the ISP© decimator G-String feeds a TECH21© Boost D.L.A delay pedal whose output leaves the switcher and connects to the Amp's FX Return.

As is in the normal FX connection topology, the Delay and Chorus are POST-AMP effects. The TECH21© Boost D.L.A. has an internal Mixer which mixes the dry guitar signal with the delayed signal when active... When the unit is bypassed the input to the delay circuitry is muted therefore allowing delay trails to carry on after the delay is bypassed. This, with the clean-boost functionality of this TECH21© delay pedal, makes a great enhancement to any solo.

The Footswitch is comprised of Five Momentary Switches, each with its respective LED indicator to switch the following:

    1. Sparkle Drive
    2. Micro Chorus
    3. Boost-D.L.A
    4. Mesa Boogie© Express 5:25 Channel Switching
    5. Mesa Boogie© Express 5:25 Reverb

The footswitch is phantom-powered from the switcher unit that has compementary LED indicators that match the footswitch.


The Switcher has the following features:

    1. ON/OFF power Switch
    2. Courtesy IEC connector to feed AC power to the Amp Head
    3. Courtesy 12 VDC power connector for powering other devices
    4. Hinged Clear- Plexiglas Protective cover
    5. Multi-colour LED Lighting
    6. A/B Switch to Mute the Amp Input and feed the Guitar Signal to the integrated tuner.
    7. Carry Handle