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The BOSS© Katana Head is a 100W Guitar Amp Modeler with 5 channels named brown, lead, crunch, clean and acoustic. 55 BOSS©-quality effects are available to add to the base amp sounds. The Power Amp Section is variable between 0.5, 50 and 100 WATTS and can feed an external 8 Ohm speaker cabinet. The other features are MIDI control, a switchable FX loop and an internal 5 inch speaker for low-volume rehearsal.



This Pedal-board controls the BOSS© Katana Head through the use of The GA-FC Foot controller



while adding the following functionality...

  1. Addition of Front-End Tuner and Cry Baby© Mini Wah Pedal
  2. A cable interface for the Amp Audio cable , Footswitch control cable and an Input Jack for a guitar Cable
  3. A triple 9VDC Power Supply to power the Wah, Sonic Research© ST-200 Tuner and LINE6© G30 Wireless receiver
  4. Addition of a jack on the GA-FC to allow the simultaneous triggering of the BOOST and DELAY blocks
  5. A modified 'EASY' button to trigger of the BOOST and DELAY blocks
  6. A Custom Laser Engraved Faceplate




katana junction box

There is a Custom Cable Interface for all of the IN's and OUT's to and from the pedalboard.

The Wireless IN is normalized to the GUITAR OUT until a Guitar Cable is inserted into the WIRE input... at that point, the Wireless receiver is disconnected and the Cable feeds the Tuner/ Wah.





The Roland© GA-FC Foot-Controller is modified with a 1/4" jack to allow connection of an external footswitch to turn on the Boost and Delay blocks simultaneously.





The Power Supply is custom built with three internal switching regulators feeding three 9VDC outputs. The unit has a standard IEC power inlet and is switched and fused.