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This Pedal board is designed and built to control numerous functions in the I.K. Multimedia AMPLITUBE Mobile Guitar MultiFX iOS app. The IK Multimedia© BlueBoard allows path changes in the App over a Bluetooth connection.


It houses the following...

Grifiti© iPad© MINI Stand Holder

iRig© HD Digital Guitar Interface

iRig© BlueBoard MIDI - Wireless Midi Pedalboard

Modified Roland© EV-5 Expression Pedal

Custom Power Interface box to power all components from Wall Power

Custom Audio Output Box (Stereo outputs over [2] 1/4" mono jacks or [1] 1/4" stereo jack

Miscellaneous Cables for interconnection



Here are the Features...

Rubber Tipped Hold-downs allow tool-less removal of all components for service or battery changing. (The iRig BlueBoard runs on "AA" Batteries that have to be changed occasionally)



Custom Interface box for Power allows charging of the iPad through the iPad Charging cable while providing an AC Accessory outlet and Power Switch.



Easy Access to BlueBoard On/OFF Switch from the bottom of the pedalboard.



Custom Roland EV-5 with a custom pot taper and an integrated Control Switch for Wah Effect Activation. A right-hand-side slide switch switches the expression pedal polarity.



Audio Output Interface

Using 1/4" Neutrik Switching Jacks allows the following:


L/R Audio over [2] 1/4" mono jacks or

Stereo Audio over [1] 1/4" stereo jack