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This product takes Mesa Boogie’s Professional High Gain Amp Switcher© (HGAS) one step further…

This new product was designed to fill a gap that Mesa’s HGAS left when it was discontinued in 2008.

Above the HGAS’s capability to switch up to 4 preamps to common FX and a Common Power Amplifier, this product adds an

      1. Integrated Signal Splitter,
      2. Signal Mixer and
      3. FX input mute circuit

These extra "blocks" allow you to mix your Preamp’s Dry Signal with two external effects Processors connected in parallel. This will ensure that your core tone is never converted and/or processed in digital…it remains in the analog realm at all times.

The FX Input Mute circuitry will allow delay and reverb trails to continue after you have changed presets. This is the way professionals connect their FX processors to ensure that the reverb and delay trails do not cut-off abruptly.

The Amp Selection and FX Muting is facilitated by two separate Highly Liquid© MSA-R MIDI Control Boards operating on MIDI Channel 4 and 5.

The Circuitry is housed in a custom drilled 19" 1 RU Rack chassis with a Black Anodized Front panel Laser Engraved by AD Engraving in Toronto.

The Rear panel is also Laser Engraved and has the 1/4" audio connectors, ground lift switches, EIA power Inlet connector and a MIDI IN Jack.

Internally the power supply has a torroidal transformer with Taps for +24, +12 and +9 VDC and a 1.5" brushless Fan to keep things cool.