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This "HELIX" pedal-board integrates the following...

  1. 'Line 6' HELIX Amp Modeller FX system
  2. 'Line 6' G30 Wireless
  3. 'Electro Harmonix' Iron Lung Vocoder
  4. 'Throne Room Pedals' Push-to-Talk Mic Switch
  5. 'The Broadway Stand' pedal-board Mic Stand holder and power distro
  6. 'Cioks' AC8 pedal-board Power Supply
  7. 'DS Engineering' Chronograph pedal-board clock/ timer
  8. Custom Patch Panel

All mounted on an ozite carpet covered 5/8" plywood board with aluminum angle edging.


Custom Patch Panel allows connection to the following Helix functions without stressing the actual connectors on the Helix...

  1. Guitar Input
  2. Auxilliary Input
  3. Amp Switch Output
  4. 1/4" Left and Right Audio
  5. XLR Left and Right Audio
  6. USB
  7. Variax Input




The power to all of the components is provide by a Cioks AC8 Power Supply with color coded plugs.




The Broadway Stand provides a place to mount up to 3 stands for Microphones or an iPad while providing power to the iPad via 2 USB outlets. There are 4 Courtesy AC outlets to power the Cioks 9 VDC Power Supply and the Line 6 HELIX.




The DS Engineering Chronograph is a pedalboard Clock with countdown and countup functions. The clock keeps the time saved even when the Pedalboard is unplugged.




The Line 6 RELAY G30 Wireless Receiver allows wireless functionality and automatically bypassed when a cable is plugged into the Patch Panel Guitar Input




A CAP-PLUG was cutdown and mounted under the HELIX Volume Control to ensure that the control was not accidentally bumped during performance.




The pedalboard also includes an Electro Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder in the HELIX FX Loop #4. The performer's vocal mic is automatically switched between the mixer and the input to the vocoder via a modified Throne Room Pedals Push-To-Talk Mic A/B Switch




The Throne Room Pedals PTT Mic A/B Switch has been modified with a 1/4" REMOTE Jack to allow the HELIX to switch the MIC automatically via one of the EXT AMP outputs. The PTT's internal Ground lift for Output B pin-1 was also moved to a switch on outside of the PTT box.



Everything is mounted using brackets and bicycle chain links... No Velcro!




The Helix is mounted to the 5/8" ozite carpet covered plywood pedalboard using "L" brackets and wood screws.




No Velcro


The Pedalboard, with space for cables, mics, straps, etc underneath, travels in a rolling PELICAN hard-case.