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This Pedal board is built into an Ibanez TLC Tone-Lok Effects Pedal Case...

Perfect for Flying in a Blue Dream or Surfing with the Alien!


From the Factory, this case has a removable lid and a custom cut bottom foam insert designed to hold a paltry [3] Ibanez Tone-Lok Effects… Ha!... wait until you see what we pack into this little case... This case becomes infinitely more useful when the foam is gutted.

I packed 13 Pedals into this box!... here are the connection and signal flow diagrams...




The Cry Baby 535Q (20th Anniversary Limited Edition in Pewter) has no Footswitch, it was modified with Auto-Return at the Dunlop Factory. The treadle is on a spring which returns the wah to full bass and turns off the wah automatically when you step off.

The Fly Rig 5 HOT function, Flashback Delay and Spark Booster are linked to come on together when the Fly Rig 5 HOT function foot switch is pressed. The units were modified as follows...


fr5 mod

The FLY RIG 5 is modified with an opto-isolator installed on the PCB to create a contact closure when the HOT foot switch is pressed. The contact closure is available outside of the unit via a 9-pin d-sub connector/ ribbon cable.

The Spark Booster has a 9-pin d-sub connector/ ribbon cable installed to parallel the pedal’s footswitch.

The Flashback Delay also has a 9-pin d-sub connector/ ribbon cable installed to parallel the pedal’s footswitch.

All of the 9-pin d-sub connectors converge at the little-black-box on the left side of the Tech 21 Fly Rig 5. There is a little toggle switch on top of that little box that allows the user to de-couple the delay from the linked functionality to allow the user to turn on the delay only or turn on the Spark Booster only independant of the Fly Rig 5 HOT Function..


Normally, with everything linked, when the Fly Rig 5 HOT function foot-switch is pressed, the "Spark" Booster and "Flashback" Delay are also switched on for soloing. When the HOT is switched off, the "Spark" Booster & "Flashback" Delay are switched off as well.

Since the Fly Rig and "Spark" Booster are electrically isolated, you can turn the booster only on without turning the Fly Rig HOT Function on for a clean-boost only.


This pedalboard has been re-worked more than 5 times... going from 4 to 12 Pedals

here are the steps...




The Guitar Input is connected directly to the Hotone Octaver Input and the Output to the Amp is via an isolated ¼” Phone Jack at the rear of the Pedalboard fed by the Spark Booster output.



There is a small section of 3/4" I.D. plastic pipe that covers the level control of the "Spark" Booster to protect the inadvertant bumping of the knob when switching the booster ON/OFF. This was necessary because the TC Electronic© Mini Booster is so small and the Level knob is pretty close to the pedal’s foot switch. The short piece of plastic pipe is 2-way-taped to the booster pedal.



Since with this set-up, the Sans Amp function of the Fly Rig 5 is always ON, there is a rubber washer over the actuator for the Sans Amp to protect against unintentional switching OFF.



The pedal board is wired with MOGAMI© 2524 Guitar Cable and Switchcraft© 226 and 228 right angle ¼” Phone Plugs. There is one Inter-Pedal Connection via a Hosa GPP-146 Guitar Pedal Coupler.




There is Glow-in the dark tape placed judiciously throughout the pedalboard to create landmarks for the musician in the dark.




The Pedals are all screwed down to the board using Bike-chain links and screws... There is No-Velcro on this pedal board!

glow glow_________________________________________

A new FlyRig5 control label was affixed over the old designations... The factory printing is white against silver which is not visible on a bright stage if changes are required.




Since the TC Electronic Pedals allow modification of many additional parameters through their iPad TonePrint APP, the micro USB ports on the TC Electronic© Shaker Mini Vibrato, TC Electronic© Corona Chorus Mini, and TC Electronic© Flashback Delay are broken out to Standard USB Connectors for easy connection of the iPad or Laptop without having to remove the pedals from the pedalboard.




Power to the pedals is supplied by the Voodoo Lab© ISO 5 power supply.



The Fly Rig 5 Sans Amp and Plexi Sections provide the Amp emulation and all of the Rhythm and Lead tones. As usual, the Tech21 Analog Amp Emulation is second to none.