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This Pedal Board is composed of mostly-Vintage Electro-Harmonix Pedals from the late 70's. The Board is constructed with 10mm Plywood covered with Black Ozite Carpet and a Voodoo Lab ISO 5 Power Supply keeps the pedals powered and keeps the noise out of the audio. The pedals are set into routed spaces on the top of the board which keeps them from moving around and a big-black-bungee cord keeds them down... whoa mama.



Old-School, molded-end 1/4" jumpers are period correct and are used to connect the pedals together. All of the cables are hidden/ protected by a plastic cover that is easily removeable for access.



The Soul Preacher Compressor is first in the chain, then there is a true bypass switcher to switch four of the other FX in & out. The four FX that are switched are the Octave Multiplexer, the Zipper Envelope Follower, Bad Stone Phase Shifter and Electric Mistress Flanger. The Switcher has an INSERT JACK that allows a Big Muff Pi Fuzz to be inserted between the Zipper Envelope Follower and the Bad Stone Phaser... that way the Bad Stone Phase Shifter and Electric Mistress Flanger come after the Big Muff. The last effect is a Current Production Holy Grail Reverb pedal.



Loops #1, #2, and #3 of the Bypass Switcher are composed of 3PDT switches that allow True-Bypass switching and LED indication of when the FX are ON. Switchcraft #11 1/4" Jacks are used on all of the Bypass Switchers IN's and OUT's. The Electric Mistress created a really bad "pop" in the audio when switched in/out so, Loop #4 in the Bypass Switcher was retrofitted with a Jack DeVille -  Click-Less™ True-Bypass Kit and everything is silent now.

This conglomeration of old-school pedals plays nice at the front of any amp and is fun to play with these revered Electro- Harmonix pedals.


All of the FX are Late 70's Vintage and were collected over the years starting with the Big Muff Pi in May 1980



The year of Manufacture for most EH Effects can be determined by the markings on the CTS pots which are date codes as follows....

Electro Harmonix Pedals CTS POT # Vintage
Big Muff Pi (V4 op-amp) 1377840 1978
Octave Multiplexer 1377810 1978
Zipper Envelope Follower 1377808 1978
Bad Stone Phase Shifter 1377929 1979
Electric Mistress Flanger 1377711 1977
Soul Preacher Compressor 1377742 1977
Holy Grail Reverb (EC-00060 Rev A) (NYC) Alpha Pots 2001