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Here are some PIX of my modified Voodoo Lab© AMP SELECTOR.



The stock Amp Selector has 4 foot-switches that allow the routing of one guitar to any of four separate amplifers. The selection of amps can be individual or you can stack all four amps to be on at the same time.

The Amp Selector has Isolation Transformers, on all outputs, to eliminate hum due to ground loops.

The Stock Amp selector needs to be mounted on your pedal board so that you have access to the foot-switches... this means up to four guitar cables between your pedalboard and the amplifiers.




The Modified, or should I say Midi-fied, Amp Selector includes a MIDI IN jack that accepts MIDI CC Messages to make the amplifier selections... This only requires one guitar cable from your pedal board!



The Amp Selector can be mounted in your rack on a sliding pedal shelf or it can sit on one of your amps...

Now you can switch amplifiers over MIDI as you switch presets on your MIDI Foot-Controller.

The MIDI IN JACK is a 7-pin DIN jack that will allow phantom powering of the Amp Selector with 9 VAC over the MIDI cable via pins 6 and 7. The 9VAC is rectified & regulated, within the Amp selector, to 9 VDC for the MIDI circuitry.




The MIDI IN Channel is selected via DIP SWITCHES in the battery compartment